May Day 2001 - Planetary Carnival Against Capitalism and the State

This year marked an exciting rebirth of that old tradition: May Day protests. In 2001, the May Day actions will only get larger. Bookmark this page and keep checking back for updates. If you are planning an event, please get in touch with us.


Mayday in the U.K.

May Day Monopoly Website [offline]
WOMBLES [offline]

UK, May Day Monopoly Game Guide to Anti-Capitalist Actions in London on Tuesday 1 May 2001
The game of monopoly is one of accumulation, making it perfect for our times. The aim is for each player to make profits through the sale of a single commodity - land - and to expand their empire. In real life one single commodity generates all profits - our labour power. Since labour power cannot be separated from people, we are literally bought and sold in the market place. To prevent stagnation, capitalism must constantly expand. Thus we must also consume as well as produce.

To find out more about May Day in the UK, please subscribe to the new email listserver by sending a blank email to:

May Day Flyer

Planned Events


CrimethInc. Postering
May1st: Some of the CrimethInc. Collective is planning a May Day wheatpasting/banner drop gala and we wish to include people from all over to make/download posters and banners and put em around wherever you live. We hope to have people paste all over the nation and other parts of the world. Some of us are making new posters and when we have them ready we will post them online for people to download. Please join us and spread the word.
Some of us would like to do this either April 30th/May 1st night so people could see it on May Day and hopefully be inspired.


AWOL: May Day in Australia

Rally and demo in First Ward Park downtown on Tuesday 11am
Contact the UPRISE collective:

May Day Charlotte NC: The Black Bloc's bringing a Keg of Root Beer!

Attention all sister and brother revolutionaries!
Forward far and wide...

Come to May Day Charlotte NC for the Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Bloc Party (RACBP)! In an effort to counteract insidious corporate media lies portraying anarchists as grim and dangerous black-clad youth, we're coming to the Charlotte May Day Celebration to party with a keg of root-beer in solidarity with the oppressed and repressed across the world. Rumors of Soy Delcious also abound. Direct action must be taken!

So come one and come all in full black regalia: Bring as much food, noise-makers, literature,giant black fists, flags, and soy delcious as possible! For many the word revolution signifies bloodshed and chaos, and anarchists nothing but violent trouble-makers. Let us show the many workers and activists present at Charlotte May Day that the revolution means a joyous carnival of liberation, resistance, and root-beer. So block up and meet us underneath the "Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Bloc Party" banner.


or more information or directions to Charlotte, go to or e-mail

For a world free of the boredom of tyranny
and the tyranny of boredom!

CrimethInc Party Cell

"It's not my revolution if I can't do a root-beer keg stand"
-Alex "Berkie" Berkman


Chicago: Solidarity Rally for Quebec Arrestees
10 a.m.
Canadian Consulate
180 N. Stetson (bet. E. Wacker and S. Water), Chicago
Rally to demand that those jailed at the anticapitalist convergence during the Summit of the Americas on April 20-21 be given bail and released immediately. As journalist Naomi Klein wrote of Canadian activist/organizer Jaggi Singh, "kidnapped" by undercover police on April 20 and denied bail last Thursday, "his greatest crime is giving good speeches." Demand that radical voices and antiauthoritarian activists are neither silenced nor criminalized.


Inside the tank rolling over us are many people with the latest in technical information. They live in skyscrapers and fly from hotel to hotel.

GLOBAL MOBILIZATION FOR GLOBAL JUSTICE, Tuesday May 01 Chicago 1130am : Gather Board of Trade-- Belly of the Beast : 8th Day, DSA and Steelworkers present - 15 min

BY NOON MARCHING UP LaSalle St to: LaSalle Bank, Citibank, City Hall

1230pm : City Hall : Privatization; Day labor; Gay bashing; Police brutality -

1245pm : State of Illinois Building : Womens Rights; End the Death Penalty; Universal Health Care - 15 m

MORE HITS ALONG THE WAY : Goodman Theater workers on strike; McDonalds


MISERABLE MILE HITS on Nike, Disney, Gap by 2:30pm we'll be all done.

4p Haymarket Affair

5p Rally on Ashland-- Human chain 20 miles across the city.

We have an extra special guest marching with us, a migrant worker from China. She'll speak first at the Board of Trade.


Harm Reduction Task Force

This year we will have our third May Day parade. It is already promising to be the biggest one yet. It will be in solidarity with the theme of the planetary Carnival against Capitalism and the State


Louisville May Day Festival of Resistance

The 1st annual Louisville May Day Festival of Resistance will be keeping with the theme of "shutting down corporate headquarters around the world." The peoples rally will begin at 3:00 in Jefferson Sq. Park. At 5:15 there will be a critical mass which kicks things off for the big march at 5:30. The march will target Starbucks, Mcdonalds, and LG&E (a local power monopoly who contributes to capitalist campaigns and forces you to pay ridiculous amounts of money to keep the lights on). Once at LG&E we will take the streets in front of the building and shut down Main St. during rush hour.

A bloc will meet at the Belvedere (on the riverfront) at 2:30 and march to the park where the rally will be held. Contact us at for better info on meeting place.

Chaos Night 2001 - MAY 4, LOUISVILLE KY



Los Angeles is planning a May Day (Carnival Against Capitalism) event.
We have planned this out to where we are not releasing the location of the event until 10am on May 1st (the day of the event).
We have a website and a hotline number for this, and they will be updated as soon as the clock strikes 10am on May 1st.
The actual event will start at 3pm in the afternoon on May 1st.
The location will be accessible from public transportation depots around the city.
There will be absolutely no guidelines.
The imagination of each and every participant will determine the outcome of this Los Angeles May Day.
The website is
The hotline is (323) 402 1223 (extension: 1484)
We encourage you to visit our website, (which is constantly being updated), and find out more details on this event.
We also encourage you to study local police formations, bring safety gear, and form a tight affinty with your trusted friends.
This will be a day of dancing, of expression, of action and refusal.
This will be our call to revolution and preparation.
Wear black, Solidarity!


Mayday 2001 Anti-capitalist Scavenger Hunt
by Anarchist Consumers Group
address: Mall of America

On mayday 2001 there will be an anti-capitalist scavenger hunt. In this "game" nobody loses!

The Minneaplois Branch of the Anarchist Consumers Group announces the 1st annual Anti-Capitalist Scaveger Hunt on Mayday 2001. Details will be available on May 1 at the rally/march. In solidarity with the Going Out Of Business Sale being held by City Center and Nicollet Mall on May 1, we are sponsoring a scavenger hunt to find artifacts of consumer culture! One example : Find an item of clothing made by a child in an overseas sweatshop. See ! You can't lose, the "treasures" are everywhere. More details and a map/treasure list will be circulating soon. Watch for fliers, etc at the rally.


Annual BLAKKAT MAYDAY party in the park.
April 29th! Tompkins Square, New York, NY
info (212) 714-4987
Remember the arrests last year! The charges are still on! Do something about it!

5/1 TUE - May 1 march & rally to support workers' rights and general amnesty for undocumented immigrants. In NYC: Noon: rally at Union Sq north side (16th St & B'way), including performances by Black 47, Fred Ho & Barrio Man vs the Greengrocer, followed by march up B'way; 4:30 pm: garment ctr rally at 36th St & 8th Ave; 5 pm: march to rally at IMF offices, 44th St & 2nd Ave. Sponsored by many groups. Contact Coalition for Human Rights of Immigrants (CHRI), 212-254-2591, fax 212-645- 6243,,

In Newark: 3:30 pm: meet at the Federal Bldg, 970 Broad St (near Penn Station, PATH & NJT bus & train accessible). American Friends Service Cmt, Caribbean Empowerment Program, El Centro Hispanoamericano, Central NJ Regional Council of Carpenters, CMI Community Center, District 1199J (National Union of Hospital & Healthcare Employees AFL-CIO), Home Healthcare 1199-AFSCME AFL- CIO, Hispanic Development Corp, Immigrant Workers' Rights Project, NJ Immigration & Policy Network, SEIU, Local 32B, 32J, Shrine of St Joseph, UNITE!, Wind of the Spirit. 973-622-6448, 973-643-1924.


noon: meet in Heritage Park for May Pole procession/festivities, etc. noon: a rave in a public park [NOTE: tentative]
during the day: Taco Bell actions; more info:; 407.599.4931

May Day Convergence on downtown Winter Park (Park Ave.) Flyering, drumming, street theatre, chalking, radical cheerleaders, colorful props, etc. All types of activists are welcome to participate; you do not have to be an anarchist or a union member to be part of this event; whether you're a Green Party member, an anti-death penalty activist, an animal rights activist, a gay rights activist, etc., we hope you'll come out for this event 7 p.m.-? Starts in front of Park Ave. CDs At 6:30 p.m. a Critical Mass will leave the Stone Soup Collective and head toward Winter Park; those who wish to carpool to Winter Park can leave at the same time from the Collective This event is sponsored by A is for Anarchism

May 1: Reclaim the Streets Party. High noon. @ freedom corner (center and crawford)


Parade and Rally
Meet at the North Park Blocks (8th and W. Burnside) at 4pm
Parade begins around 4:30, proceeds south on Broadway to indoor rally location near PSU

Celebration & Action on April 28th,
11am Maypole, 12:30 music, 4:30 march
Dolores Park (Dolores @ 19th), San Francisco, CA
Action & Celebration on May 1st.
Roving Street party with East Bay Reclaim the Streets
Meet at 5:30pm
Justin Herman Plaza (Market @ Embarcadero), San Francisco, CA
Web: Email:

May Day Soiree on April 28
celebration, film and videos of May Day's and actions, past and present
8:30 pm at the ATA, 992 Valencia S.F.



"March of Death" from the Daimler Chrysler Plant to the new prison. Followed by a festival of life in Promenade Park.


Food Not Bombs Picnic
Tuesday, May 1, 3 PM
Lafayette Park (across the street from the White House)
McPherson Square Metro

FNB will be hosting a picnic starting at 3/4pm in Laffayette park for people to come together and have fun. Please feel free to bring whatever you want to share, food, music, propaghanda etc.

Friday, May 4th 8pm Lafayette Park
Drum Circle
radical noise circle and party, with coffee and snacks care of fnb!
(fnb people, we will cooking at my house so get in touch if you wanna help out before hand)
"Keep America Awake"
The Government sleeps at night when thousands of people go with out food, health care (privatization of dc general past this week), and saftey due to the corporate greed and control that plaques Washington Dc and the world.
Come together and make some noise!

more info contact

Background on May Day

Makhno - The First of May
Speech by August Spies


Updated: Tuesday, May 1, 2001 / 12:15 am EDT

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Night of P-D
The International Network of Night Workers (INNW) is calling for a night of property destruction against capitalism on May Day eve. They want to remind people that capitalism cannot be reformed, it can only be resisted through direct action. Their suggested target list for May Day 2001 includes: McDonalds, Nike, Monsanto, Citibank, Shell, and the Gap.

What is next?
What's Next?

S26 - Prague, Czech Republic

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