Obama’s $250 “Bribe” for Seniors

The administration’s proposed extra payment to seniors is being called “bribery” and an undeserved windfall. But how about calling it what it really is: “not nearly enough”?

Reuters reports that the Senate yesterday defeated a measure to give a check for $250 to Social Security recipients and the disabled. The 50-to-47 vote wiped out what would have been a $13 billion, one-time expenditure.

The news item, as it appeared in the Washington Post, noted with evident satisfaction that the vote was “a setback for the powerful seniors’ lobby.”

That’s at least a bit less melodramatic than some of the language that greeted the Obama administration last fall when it first proposed the extra payment. “Shameless.” “Bribery.” “Depressing spectacle.” “Pure political pandering.” Those were some of the printable responses.

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