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Washington: Behind Closed Doors

Will the deficit commission find ways to keep the public out as it contemplates Social Security and Medicare cuts? It’s happened before. The pieces may already be in place for it to happen again. “Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors,” sang the late, great recording artist Charlie Rich. Evidently, that’s the one thing […]


The last time Washington created a new social insurance program, a backlash caused it to be repealed 14 months later. Because it’s voluntary, the new long-term health benefit might avoid that fate. But its chances of survival are still uncertain. The most intriguing component of health care reform, to me, is the new long-term care […]

“Gaming” the System, Again

The Bowles-Simpson deficit commission is hoping a computer game will educate Video Nation on the need for fiscal austerity. It’s been tried before. The Website Industry Gamers reports that Erskine Bowles, co-chair of President Obama’s deficit commission, has approached Microsoft about creating a deficit-reduction video game to help “educate” the public about the need for […]

David Brooks Saves Us From Ourselves

Thank heavens we have the New York Times columnist to explain to us that it’s all our own fault. In his most recent commentary, Brooks offers more wisdom on what he’s described elsewhere as the greatest moral problem of our time. Not poverty. Not racial or gender or class-based prejudice. Certainly not global warming. No, […]