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Social Security and the Deficit: Panel Discussion in Washington, Fri., Oct. 1

Economists for Peace and Security will be holding a half-day strategic policy symposium on Investment, Social Security, and Economic Recovery, Friday, October 1, from 9am to 1:30pm at the Ronald Reagan Building & International Trade Center. A panel on Social Security, Medicare and the Budget will feature Nancy Altman, Teresa Ghilarducci, Eric Laursen (yours truly), […]

Why Do We Keep Calling Tea Partiers “Anti-Government”?

Conservatives, including those of the Tea Party variety, aren’t “anti-government.” In most respects they are pro-government to the point of authoritarianism. What they really oppose is any form of cooperative or collective solution to the problems of a complex industrial (or post-industrial) society – especially when the beneficiaries are people they regard with suspicion or […]

Has Social Security (Ever) Been “Raided”?

Social Security is always being raided. And some brave person – typically an elected official or someone aspiring to be – is always vowing to stop this outrage before our retirement system is drained to the dregs. That’s just how it is in mad-as-hell America, where righteous indignation comes slickly packaged and accurately defining one’s […]

Progressive Indexing Is Ryan’s Dilemma

It’s ironic that a deficit commission empaneled by a Democratic president is – reportedly – leaning toward the same approach to restructuring Social Security that contributed to the fall of Republican ascendancy in 2005. But that’s reportedly the case, with low-income workers actually to enjoy a slight increase in benefits, demonstrating the commissioners sensitivity to […]

Annenberg “Fact-Check” of Dems’ Blasts against GOP on Social Security Needs Correcting

Are Democratic candidates smearing their Republican adversaries as Social Security privatizers? The corporate media buys the GOP line that Democrats’ attacks are a desperation move and that privatization is so far off the table it’s not worth mentioning. Wrong! For a president widely characterized as being “adrift” this summer, Obama stirred up quite a fuss […]